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By on January 21, 2021


Testing the sensor is the very first step when we start to build a new Arduino interactive project using sensors.
If you are a fans of open source hardware, you may have dozens of sensors in your drawer, and everytime you want to make use of them, you need to test them one by one to make sure whether it is a analog or digital sensor, or it is still in good condition, as well as how the analog value will change for different condition. Grove Mate – A simply and low cost little tool for you to get the analog or digital value of your sensor in seconds, no PC and coding required, quick and straight.

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About Carlo Palumbo

Electronics and informatics are my biggest passions and through the development of projects in both areas during my graduation I was able to improve skills required to become expert in both. Curiosity was essential to increase my willing for learning more every day and that same curiosity is what motivates me to keep developing my knowledge. I have also attended the iOS Apple Developer Academy in Naples and won the WWDC18 contest.


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